Saturday, March 18, 2017


Buenos tardes,

sorry I didn't e-mail earlier, we had missionary Monday, which is one of the days of the year that all the missionaries in our mission go to the temple. so we had to switch our e-mail day to today. it was great, one of the temple workers said that the group that I went in with, was the biggest he has ever seen in that temple. we had missionaries form 2 or 3 different zones, and the members who drove them, and some temple workers. it was great, the temple was beautiful, and they let us into one of the sealing rooms too.

we have had a good week, we kept on visiting the members on our ward list we don't know, and we set up appointments to get to know them better. it has already been paying off, we have gotten a ton of referrals, and potential investigators, its been great.

on our phone we have been getting a lot of spam and scam calls lately, we recognize them pretty quickly now. one of them is a guy with an Indian accent named jon wanting to know about my windows computer. I think about trying to waste their time, but then it would also waste the Lord's time, so maybe not.

one of our potential investtigators this week, was a girl at Whataburger (kind of like mcdonalds, but mainly in texas) and we found out she is jewish, but invited us to come back and teach her more about the gospel. back in our car, we started talking about what we will teach her, and we will have to do more of an explanation on Jesus Christ. my companion has been wanting to teach a jewish person for awhile now.

not much else has happened this week, we are still trying to find a new apartment that isn't too expensive, and that isn't 4 miles outside of our area, we found some good ones that we will try by.

I will add some pictures too.

Love you all, happy Christmas,

Elder Nielson

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