Saturday, March 18, 2017



we had a good full week. we had this Worldwide Missionary Broadcast on Wednesday, it was of a couple of General Authorities going over the last missionary broadcast and explaining it a little more. It was good, i learned a lot. in the broadcast they also had 2 announcements. one was a change in our daily schedule, all it is is that we now can choose when to do our studies, when to exercise, and everything else we do daily we can choose when to do it, so we have a more agency. and we also got 2 more hours added to our p-day, that is one of the things i am most excited about. the other announcement was, that before we had 9 key indicators that we would report to church headquarters, like baptisms, lessons taught, and referrals. but now they are cut down to 4 key indicators, baptized and confirmed, investigators con baptismal date, progressing investigators, and new investigators. so now we don't have to worry about getting a certain number of lessons each week, and get a variety of them, now we can teach lessons to share the truth.

we met this crazy less active lady, she was an interesting character, who came to us for help, because she was wanting food, and home items. but we cant help with that, so we offered physical labor, and referred her to the relief society. but her sons aren't baptized, so the area they fall under could have 2 new investigators.

we have had alot of service opportunities this week. this mornings was us trying to get a 4ftX4ftX3ft swamp-cooler air conditioner from on top of a house into the bed of a truck. it took awhile to disconnect it from the house and much less time to get it in the truck.

Elder Jones was sick for a couple days, so we had to stay in our apartment for awhile, but it was fine, i studied a lot.

one of my miracles this week, was when everyone in a part-member family showed up to church, and the 9 year-old son is the only one not baptized. we have spent the last 2 weeks trying to set up a lesson with them, but every time they said, 'otra dia esta mejor' or they just weren't home. when they showed up to church, the parents came up to us and started saying they were going to baptize him this Saturday. so we just went with it, because he is ready and we have been teaching him for awhile. Miracle Baptism!!

love you guys, say hi to everyone for me (literally everyone),

Elder Nielson

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