Saturday, March 18, 2017


bueno dia de preparacion!

our first full week after transfers has been great. when i was with elder jones, we went over on miles, becasue a dyeing missionary doesnt care, but he left me with 25 miles everyday for the rest of this mobnth, and then we went over on miles a couple of days, so the last 2 days we have been riding bikes. yesterday we got a ride to the church from the other elders, then rode out bikes to all our appointments, then back to the church and waited for about a half hour for the elders to come pick us up, and we couldnt call them because they lost their phone. entonces, yesterday was an eventful dia de reposo.

we dont have any investigators on date right now, but we will get a couple pretty soon. one of our new investigators is the ​son of a member and he and his father are the only nonmembers. he is a teenager with and earring and low rider pants, but he has some good questions, like where god came from. since we dont have a specific answer for this, we just taught that god is our loving heavenly father again, it went well, but there were a bunch of distractions during this lesson.

this week during service i got a sunburn in my neck and arms, its pretty much gone now, but hopefully this is the first of many! finally! on my way to get a tan!

not much has changed since last week, we are looking for a new apartment that isnt outside of our area. we found one, and it is right in the middle of our area, so that would be perfect. now we are working with the apartment inspectors about a new apartment, so we will see where it goes.

we got a bunch of referrals yesterday, so we will be tracking them down this week, hopefully they turn out well.

my spiritual experience for this week was when our new investigator opened up to us more. we had visited his family before, but he wasnt very interested before. now that he is esking more questions, we are starting in the right direstion. we will get him there.

thank you everyone, for all your support, love you all

Elder Nielson

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