Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Hola amados hermanos mios,

lets start with the end of last p-day. after i emailed you last week, we went and climbed a mountain in Truth or Consequences, called Turtleback, it was good, it took a couple hours, and it was hot, but fun. not a lot else that is very exciting happened this week.

we have been spending most of our week in Hatch rather than T or C, because there has been a little more work to do there. the weather has been warm and sunny all week.

the other week, we went on exchanges and my companions rode bikes the whole day, so since elder Peterson and i switched places, i let him use my bike. about 2 days before that, i had tightened all the spokes on the wheel, then when we switched back, they said my bike broke, so when we got back to our apartment, i found that the derailer was broken off, and all the spokes were loose again. the funny thing was, that when my companions rode bikes before, they had problems with tires popping, so when they started, they prayed to have no problems with their tires, and they didn't, it was problems with the gears and spokes. also, Elder Tanner's brakes were too tight, so he was really tired and trailing behind the whole time. now i have a stronger testimony of more specific prayers.

other than those things, we had some pretty good lessons this week. one of or investigator families has been having trouble with opposition, the daughters weren't doing too well, but the mom has been doing awesome, she came to the first hour of church, eventhough she was sick, and she brought one of her daughters too.

also during church, there were three amazing speakers (they were us). and this was my first week going to an all english branch since before my mission, becasue last week was stake conference, and the week before, we had to skip out after the first hour, to make it to the branch council of the other.

Love ya'll! have a beautiful rainy week! 😊

Elder Nielson

i got the package with the reeses in it, but we are still working on the other. did you get both of the postcards, or just one of them? 

here are some pics:
in the car

wandering missionaries
the wonderful cities of Hatch and Truth or Consequences

 some funny music my companion has
 mountain climbing

​broken bike



this has been an interesting week. i have only slept in my bed in Hatch twice this week. this is because we went up to T or C for a couple nights, then we went on exchanges, and then we stayed in our ZLs apartment to save miles.

the exchanges went well, i was in the area of Miranda with Elder Belus, he is a great missionary a great person. we got a cool exchange picture in front of a sunset, and it looks cool even though you cant see us very well. i met lots of fun  and interesting people. one of the part-member families we thought right before we started the lesson, all but 3 of them left and got a puppy and came back 5 or 10 minutes later and then we did the lesson. when they left, we realized it was only us 2 and 2 hermanas, and a 7 year old, so we had to wait outside. the lesson was how to remember the 10 commandments with your hands, it was crazy and fun.

we also had stake conference this week. Elder Randall K. Bennett came and visited. the Saturday night session was a couple of members giving their conversion stories, and elder Bennett talking about their conversions and then about how missionaries shouldn't be finding, they should be teaching who the members find for them. he is funny and a great speaker. then on Sunday it was very similar, there were a couple of short talks, and elder Bennett explained a little more on their topics, it was great.

we have been doing Family History work every saturday since i got here, and  i am still learning, but it is going good. my companion Elder Burnett is having trouble with a Norwegian line of his, he always comes out of it saying he doesnt have the spirit of Elijah and its funny. but even the family history consultant is having trouble with this line.

all is still well, the weather has been nice and sunny everyday this week. i kind of miss the rain and wind of washington sometimes.

wishing you all a wonderful week, con amor,

Elder Nielson

mis companeros

 Mission president's street
something funny in the bible

2017/04/10 With Pics

Sorry I have been a bad blogger. I am WAAAAAY behind, so here are a few oldies but goodies.


Buenos Tardes,

Update: my new area is AWESOME! the area of hatch covers from Truth or Consequences all the way down to radium springs, which is where they got radiator springs from. we cover two branches, both English, but the Hatch branch does Spanish translations sometimes. so we are mostly working in English now, i need to keep practicing Spanish so i don't lose it. both branches are very small, but i have met a lot of the people in both already.

we have a little adobe house in Hatch, but the city of Hatch and the city of Truth or Consequences (TorC) are about 40 minutes away, so to save miles we drive up to TorC and stay in a member's motel for a couple days to proselyte up there and then drive back down after the couple days.

my two companions are Elder Burnett and Elder Tanner. they are both really good with spanish, and great missionaries. we found out that we all liked the Legend of Zelda games 😁. Elder Tanner did track and cross country as well, and Elder Burnett likes to read. 

we are doing well here, some of our investigators dont progress a ton, but we recently got a couple of new investigators who are very prepared, they are very open and have a lot of potential.

it has been interesting talking about the gospel in english, during lessons i have to really think to not say something in spanish, and then i cant remember the word in english, its frustrating. but its still the lords work and i am having a great time.

Love you guys, adios

Elder Nielson