Thursday, November 24, 2016

2016/11/23 - Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Luke will be headed out to New Mexico next week, and I will post his mission address again in the next posting. He loves treats, especially cookies, if anyone would like to send him some.



Here is his letter to me (Ross):

its still great here, the other elder nielson is from Utah so we might be related.

while my companion and i were teaching a lesson all in spanish, there were some mexicans siting nearby, who were talking, but they stopped when we started bearing our testimonies, we could feel the spirit really strong, and there was a third weeker sitting nearby who told us afterwards he told us it was really cool, eventhough he didnt undersstand he could feel the spirit. entonces, thaat was a grreat experience this week.

im getting ready to leave on monday morning, my biggest suitcase that im going to check, i weighed this morning and it was 49.8 pounds. i will have to move some stuff around. its still great here, we will have a thanksgiving devotional, and im not sure much else.

not much else has happened, we are preparing to leave, i will miss them.

i was thinking about the coss country trip we wre wanting to do and i was thinking we could stop in missouri, more specifically independence and maybe zion. that could be fun. let me know waht you think.

Elder Nielson

The following is his letter to Becca:

tell everyone i say hello back and that its great in mexico. too bad about the basketball. thats awesome about bishop and the sister missionary. i dont think i will b able to get a sombrero. good luck with the silverwood trip. the refried beans dont look the same as back home, they are darker and more liquidy. no thanks to the bowel movement.

you can send me pictures if you want, i will send some back too.

And now for his letter to Mom (Jill)

i forgot to tell you i bought a converter so i can email you pictures, it was only a couple dollars.
and thanks for the package.

its still great here, i got the package on friday, there was dr pepper and 7 up, and tortilla chips and cheese dip and guac. there were also a bunch of reeses. the dips werent very good but everything else was great.

on sundays, we have our whole church before lunch, and a couple more devotionals and a class later, and a video or devotional to end the day. everything is usually spread out, and has some study periods between everything. it is one of my favorite days of the week.

not much else has happened, we are preparing to leave, and we are all excited to be out in the field i will miss them.

Elder Nielson

p.s. dont forget to give out my email to people who want to email me por favor


Friday, November 18, 2016


everything is going great. my week is great as well. i have been studying mostly. my schedule fro a normal day is wake up, study, eat breakfast, study, eat lunch, study, eat dinner, study, plan for the next day and go home and sleep. wew get gym time for an hour everyday for an hour except sunday. we usually go play volleyball. my main goal is being able to understand people when they speak spanish especially when they talk fast. i got an email from austin potter, and one of the people who went home from my zone, but thats pretty much it.

yes i would love a package. goodies would be great and something else as well if you dont mind. send stuff you think i would like plz.

have you gotten a letter yet from me?

i met an Elder Nielson yesterday, i had my companion take a picture of us, i will send it next time. dad do you have any family that lives in utah?

until next time, love you guys

Elder Nielson

Saturday, November 12, 2016

2016/11/12 With Pictures

thats great about the car your temporary promotion, and ur calling. hope you guys are having fun, maybe when we go on the cross country trip we can stop at a bunch of the guys homes from my district. the clothes are good, the only problem i have with them is the shirt, the tag is scatching a mole on my neck sometimes so thats annoying.

the spanish is going all right, we still study alot. the food is good.

im ok with you guys giving my email out to my friends, but plz let them know i might not be able to email them back immediately cuz i only have an hour every wednesday right now.

snickerdoodles do sound good.

i heard about Trump winning the election, we are now wondering if we will be able to enter the united states again LOL.

i sent acouple pics to mom if you want to see them.

i also told mom she could send me some care packages from the websites i listed in  the last email

love you and miss you guys

Elder Nielson

BTW here are some more pictures
this is a ceiling in the visitor center and it didnt look like this until i looked at it in a picture.

 this is the temple we went to moroni is bubble wrapped

...And Now For Something Completely Different...

Sorry for the delay in getting Luke's new email posted. It will be there later today. Now for something completely different:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Elder Nielson Pics 2016/11/2

There is Elder Nielson with his zone in the MTC in Mexico City.

Elder Luke Nielson Chronicles - 2016/11/2

thanks for writing back. i sent you a leteter let me know when you get it. i can recieve photos. i found somewebsites where you can send me letters and packages *wink wink* like pretty soon buster will be more lump than stink. gym is my favorite activity, spanish is good, but still hard. i havent eaten anything else gross, but some people have gotten diarrhea. including my companion from some chicken that i was fine with.the temple was great we went again today, it was a little easier than last time, tell everyone i miss them.
two of our district went home for personal reasons, one of them was a Hermana, so we lost three people, and we are now an all guys district. that was kind of difficult, and we miss them.i will try to send ty an email. this week went by faster than the first one, but still kind of slow. 
if you guys want to give out my email thats ok.
Elder Jensen my companion, is the old man of the group at almost 20 years old, he is great, and funny, we get along well.
Elder Travers is from northeast tacoma but three months ago his family moved to china, cuz his dad works for amazon.
Elder Beck is going to albuquerque, he was elder garcia´s companion until he went home.
elder Eckton is odd, but a funny odd.
Elder Gale is a baseball pitcher, who wa offered to play (i forget what it is called) a step down from major league without going to college.
elder Jones is a little uptight and wants to follow ALL the rules exectly, but he is still a cool guy.
elder olson is the baby of the group at just turned 18, he is good at soccer.
elder Barben is our tall skinny ginger district leader he is a little quiet, but a good guy.
Hermanas Johnson and Christopherson are no longer with us.
if you noticed that we now have an odd number, Elders Gale, Eckton, and Beck are a tripanionship.
i will forward some pics to you and then i will send more next week cuz i forgot my camera and someone elses cord might work for my camera.

I forgot to tell you stuffs. some f my favorite moments here are when we sing hymns in spanish. we also had a live feed from Provo MTC, with talks from Pres. Russel M. Nelson and his wife Wendy Nelson, they were good talks. we also listened to some other great talks on sunday from Pres. Call here in the CCM, and David A. Bednar who looks alot like Uncle Peter.

i wouldnt mind if you gave the websites to others in the ward πŸ˜Š

talk to you next week

Elder Nielson

Elder Nielson 2016/10/26

Here is his first email. It was in a couple parts, so pardon if it doesn't make sense. He was also answering questions we sent.

Everything is good in mexico, they told us the water is actually good cuz it comes from from their well, they advised not to send packages or letters from US to Mexico, they might not get here before i leave, but if you wanted to buy something online thats made in Mexico and send it to me that works well πŸ˜πŸ’©

My schedule is pretty much a ton of studying from 8 until 8 with breaks here and there. i havent seen Elder Te yet but i have been looking, they dont really have other missionaries come in the CCM(what we call the MTC). we dont go on excursions, unless we go to the temple on P-Day, which we are doing today, we r only allowed to take pictures on P-Day, which i will take alot. we do pray alot, probly more than ten times a day.

My companion is Elder Jensen, he and my whole district are great, the cord for the camera is the wrong one so i cant upload some pictures right now. the spanish is all right, im still not fluent, but thats ok because sometimes in our native language, we over complicate and in a new language you have to speak more simply so thats better for investigators. we have taught an "investigator" five times now, all in spanish, so they went well, but they could have been better. we have had to rely on the spirit alot.

The exchange rate from US dollars to pesos is 1 US dollar equals about 18 pesos, and everything in the store is cheap, like a full size spanish Hymn book is 40 pesos, and a gatorade was 8 pesos. for christmas i dont know what i want yet so i will think about it. you can send The Lukie Times to whoever you want post it on facebook, but if there is anything you want to keep to yourselves im KO with that. tell Becca and Marine Boy to stop crying. too bad about the car, and even through e-mail your pronunciation is terrrible Dad.

If you guys want me to but you guys something in Mexico let me know and i will try to find it, cuz things here are cheap.

Love you guys,
and mom, i have a deep regard for you as well

Elder Nielson

I forgot to tell you about the food. it is good, we have costco pizza, the big slices, every tuesday night, the only problems i have with the food, was this cucumber juice, and the chicken on monday night had feathers in it still, and weirds little hairs, other than that, the food is great, and we can eat as much as we want. And send these to anyone who wants to know how im doing. Adios.

Elder Nielson

Uno mas. we had a general authority speak last night, it was good, i liked it alot. He was Elder HelemΓ‘n Montejo of the Fourth Quorum of the Seventy. HA! i told you there were more than one quorum of the seventy. πŸ˜πŸ–– And i started making a Quotable Quotes section in my journal of all the funny things my district.

Elder Luke Nielson MTC Boy

Welcome all to the Elder Luke Nielson Chronicles. I (Ross Nielson) will be posting Luke's letters home and information regarding him here. I will post a link from this to Facebook also.

If you would like to send Luke email, please do so by sending to If you would like to send him letters and packages, you can send them through

His address until November 28th is:

Elder Luke Nielson
28/11/2016 5A
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

Please don't send anything of value, as they said it won't make it. I will post his mission address soon for after the 28th. 

If you would like to contact me, and be put on a mailing list for Luke's email, please email me at or text me at 360-269-7007.