Saturday, March 18, 2017


bueno, etse es los missioneros, tenemos un breve mensaje sobre Jesucristo que yo testifico he bendicido mi vida en muchas cosas.

it is raining today, so we don't need to wash our car. i was able to understand most everyone who spoke to me yesterday at church, so i'm still getting there with my Spanish, and it is fun to see how far i have come, even just from leaving the CCM. i only had to jump one fence this week, but nobody was home.

our investigator who is getting married and baptized this week went to get a marriage license two weeks ago, but bought the wrong one, and we only figured it out Saturday night. now he has to go back, but it didn't open until about nine, and here in Texas, after you buy you marriage license, you have to wait 72 hours to use it, so if he gets it this morning, his wedding will have to be on Thursday. none of this is a real problem, but he bought the rings, and they are inscribed with the 2/14/17 on them. but now there is nothing we can do about it. he is excited to be married and baptized finally.

last Wednesday, we left to drive up to Albuquerque for the special MLC. it was a long drive, but we talked most of the way, so it was good. that night about 10 of us stayed in an apartment, with 5 of us sleeping on the floor, it wasn't that bad. the next day the MLC started with President and Sister Guffey talking to us for a little bit. then Bro. Lee Donaldson talked to us for about 5 hours with a lunch break. i took many notes, it was great i learned a lot, found some things i need to work on, and had fun. we learned some ways that we can use technology, even thought we don't have smartphones or ipads...yet.

we have been volunteering at a food bank since the time i got here, and a couple weeks ago, they took our pictures to draw us on a wall inside as a mural. and i was the first one to be started, its still not finished, but it looks good already if i do say so myself.

this is the week before elder Jones goes home so we are going to find a ton of news this week, its gonna be lit.

i shared some pictures to you msn account. in it there are pictures of us carpooling with other elders (1st), playing a fun futbol game (2nd - 5th), on the drive up to the MLC (6th - 12th), meeting my brother elder Rivera (13th), us at the food bank (14th), recording us singing a song in the bathroom (15th, 16th), more carpooling (17th), and more futbol (18th).

(I wasn't able to access those pics yet--Ross)

love you all, thank you for the support.

Elder Nielson

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