Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2016/12/19 Update and Pictures

Here is the latest from the Lukester. Note that I have never seen Luke smile such a huge and authentic smile!

hola pops, thanks for the info about skyping, and the blog.

my companions and i are busy trying to get both areas settled, because we now have more investigators. but we are getting there, we are getting more in the hang of it.

i havent eaten many strange things yet. the weirdest so far is probably when a member (the Gay family...tee hee:) took us out for tacos, and you order small tortillas and a couple different plates of meats, and then you can go and get other things like lettuce, salsa, onions and others from  salad bar. one of the meats we got tripitas, which is intestines cut into small pieces and then fried. it was pretty good, but not my favorite.

we had a ward christmas party, it was all in spanish, but it was good, it was a play about the birth of jesus. one guy in the play would over act and it was funny, in one scene he was dying and kept talking while dying and it was very funny, everyone was laughing.

i was thinking of some other things i would like, for christmas or whenever. i bought two sweaters, but i would like some more. if you can the v-necks would be the best so i can show off my ties.

we had another baptism this week, and some of the people she invited to her baptism felt the spirit so that was cool. we are going back to teach the rest of her family too.

we also have a bunch of investigators lined up for baptisms in january, so our schedules will be full.

todo es bien,
Elder Nielson

BTW these are some pictures from our first two baptisms, they are Jose and Joselin.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016/12/12 and New Mailing Address for Letters

Elder Nielson has moved apartments, apparently in the same complex. Here is his mailing address for letters/cards etc.:

Elder Nielson
13041 Soccoro RD, #206
San Elizario, TX  79849

This is his email from 12/5/2016:

we usually study until about noon, just various stuff, and then we go out and visit members, less actives, investigators and referrals. then come home, plan for tomorrow, then go to bed.

the ward is great, they are very nice, the bishop and ward miss. pres. are great they are helpful. the spanish is coming slowly, it is more difficult to understand them. but it is slowly getting easier.

how does the sharing my emails work again? and what is it called too. Nelson wants to recieve it too.

btw this was my district, and will you add them also to the "Lukie Times" the "Lukie Planet" or wathever you call it, por favor. gracias.

Elder Nielson

Here are the emails from 12/12/2016

To Ross:

for christmas right now i would like some ties, maybe some tiebars, and another of the mission belts. ties with cool or interesting designs. i would love a doctor who tie, but we arent supposed to have ties with pictures or caricatures.

we are in Ysleta, and in the San Elizario area, one guy finished his mission and went home, so we combined with the other guy, so we have a trio and double area. im getting along well with them both, Elder Jones is from Utah, and our 

new trio comp, Elder Faber, is from the lacey stake, and we went to the same camp helaman, we didnt know each other, but once we started talking we found this out. on P-Day, we usually go shopping and clean and play sports as a zone.

on christmas we will go to a members house and skype with you. if you could give me the name to your skype that would be great. we are planning to skype around noon or one your time, but if things change i will let you know next week.

at the store i found a pie face, and thought of you i dont remember how much it was, but i thought it was funny.

i was wondering if you could send me a thing or two that i have at home, like my black nike coat, and my white cardinal waterbottle wherever it is. if i think of anything else i will let you know.

A spiritual/funny thing happened yesterday. we just combined with the other area today so it was just Jones and i, and we decided to fast for our investigators, and to get more new investigators. we did find two possible investigators that we set a return appointment with, and the San Elizario area showed us a list of their investigators, and it was a good sized list. they arent new investigators, but they are new to us, so that was funny. but any way the fasting did work, in an odd way but it was good.

we had two baptisms this week, they were inherited investigators. i baptized one my comp the other, their aunt is the only member so now we are going to teach the rest of the family. we also have a lot of investigators coming from San Eli that are close to baptism, so we might have a lot of baptisms in the next while.

last thing can you send me a list of everyone who can see my emails, plz and thnx.

love yous, have fun stormin the castle.

Elder Nielson

To Jill:

things are doing great, i told dad about my first two baptisms, so more about it is there. the was windy for about a week, but now its gotten up to high 60s.the people are great, everyone is nice, pretty much averyone here knows spanish so im learning. 

there are christmas decorations everywhere, alot of people like the lazer light shows on their houses, its cool. it doesnt feel like its going to be christmas in just a couple weeks. i told dad a couple things i would like you to send me por favor. tell every i know im having a great time and i miss them.

there was a parade for the virgin mary, there is supposedly, MEXICO spelled out and spread out in giant letters across the border and this is one of them (see picture below), and guess what i found in the apartment, VHS tapes. also could you send me, like with the package, a picture of the whole fam, you, me, dad, dec, rebec, and ty. por favor and thank you.

Love you guys, and there are circle Ks everywhere,

Elder Nielson

To Becca:

NM is great, i can see the border to mexico, and everything is more expensive. about half the people here are from Juarez or Chihuahua, and mosty everyone speaks spanish so i am learning, slowly but surely. im looking forward to all my christmas gifts. tell ma y pa that we moved apartments, so if you want to send letters you can send them here: 

13041 Socorro Rd. Apt. 206 
San Elizario, WA 79849. 

mom was telling me about the bear, she said is was Click from dance revolution, LOL.

thanks for emailing, and try not to kill zach (Becca said she may have scared Zach driving in the snow),

Elder Nielson

Sunday, December 4, 2016

2016/11/30 Mailing Addresses, and Welcome Back to the U.S.

Hi all!

I googled Luke's location, and his place is a couple miles from the Rio Grande and Mexico. He is about 10 miles from Juarez Mexico. Exciting times! He just arrived in his first area last Monday, and we should get his first P-Day email on 12/5 or so. Thanks for following, and here are some addresses if you feel the need to send him something. He is very fond of cookies and Reese's candy. 



Here is his transfer email:

Hey im emailing to tell you I made it to my first area safely. my trainer is great, his name is Elder Jones, and I think I am his last companion. I am in a place called Socorro Texas. My new p-day is Monday so that is when I will next email you. 

If you send me stuff please send packages to:

9460 Ariel Rico Court
El Paso, TX 79907 

This is a member that my companion has his fam send packages to a because we live so far from he mission home. My mission home address is 

4400 presidential Dr. NE suite E
Albuquerque, NM  87109 

You can send letters if you want to 

13071 Soccoro Rd, apt #722 
San Elizario, TX 79849

Elder Nielson