Saturday, March 18, 2017


Heeeeeey fam, que pasoooo?

this was my last week with elder Jones as my companion, and its been fun, but he is going home so i'm happy he finished his mission on a good note. elder Jones would always deny that he wasn't trunky (the word we use when a missionary is getting homesick, and less missionary-ish), but he was starting to get trunky, not a lot, but a little.

we had one more baptism this week, everything went well with his marriage license, so he got married and baptized last Thursday, then we took home most of the left over food and cake.

sorry i didn't email until now, but we had to wait to email so we could tell you we got to our next area safely. well, i got to my area safely. i'm still in the same place, but have a new companion, his name is elder Stone (Piedra in Spanish) he is a ginger, but he has good Spanish, and nothing else matters...broma, he is cool, and he is ready to start in a new area. he has been out 7 months, so he isn't a greenie. the elders we share an apartment with, only elder Cota stayed, and he got a greenie, Elder Ziebarth, and he looks like cousin Ben, its weird how alike. they are all cool, so i believe we will get along well.

not much else has happened this week, other than getting a bunch of stuff from elder Jones, and staying with ZLs from another zone for a day because my companion left the day before transfers.

this will be a difficult to get used to, because i always had elder Jones who always knew what to do, where to go, and who to go try by. so now i have to take control for awhile, because my companion is new to the area. anyway, it will be fun trying it.

es todo, love you all, wish you all then best,

Elder Nielson

Elder Cota
 Elder Faber in Elder Jones's suitcase
 Elder Faber in Elder Jones's suitcase
 This Elder looks like Luke's cousin Ben 

 Elder Nielson's New Companion

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