Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2017/04/03 Transfers

exciting week this week.

General Conference was good, it was probably one of my favorite parts of this week. we watched all of the sessions of conference at our church building. they had it in both English and Spanish in our building, but the three of us that are still greenies watched it in English so we could get the most out of it as we could, while out senor companions watched in Spanish. one of the talks that i liked the most, i don't remember his name, but during his talk he invited all investigators who were watching general conference to be baptized, and i thought that was pretty cool.

Transfer news. on Saturday, we found out that Elder Cota and Elder Ziebarth are staying together and i am being transferred to an area called Hatch in New Mexico. I am being moved out a trio, right back into a trio. i don't remember my companions' names, but one of them only has a couple transfers left and the other has one less transfer than i do. trio life is the best. i have heard from other missionaries that Hatch has one of the best green chili burger in new mexico and maybe even the country, i'm excited to try it. its in a restaurant called Sparky's, abut its only opened Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. my new area will cover a town called Truth or Consequences, so that will be interesting.

for the past 2 days i have been stuffing all my stuff into my suitcases and hoping it will fit, because if it doesn't, its going to be trouble.

last Monday, on the way out of the library where we email, a guy stopped us and started talking and kept talking, and talking. we even took our conversation outside, but he kept talking. the only thing i remember from our conversation, was when he asked in a quiet voice if we voted for trump. then later he started making jokes about how trump will be assassinated by us, because we were in our white shirts and ties. he was saying that i would be the shooter, Elder Cota would be the guy with binoculars making sure everything is going all right, and Elder Furlong would be the guy who keeps the girls occupied while we did the job. he was crazy, but completely hilarious, because he would talk nonsense half the time.

my spiritual experience of this week, was when we watched conference, and were able to watch all the sessions, and take notes on them all. i felt the spirit a lot throughout each session.

Es todo, les quiero,

Elder Nielson

P.S. photos

cool picture of the sky 
  ​bueno, somos los misioneros!
creepy dude on the side of the road
 Elder Furlong lighting up this out of tune piano
  when doing family history, found one of my ancestors
 ​sweet castle school

 ​a car next to ours had this on their windshield

2017/03/27 Good Morning Por La Manana

Buenos Dias For The Morning,

its been a little weird getting used to another trio in these areas. we have had to split our time in the 2 areas, but now we have a ton of miles 😊. this last week we have had problems with people cancelling our appointments, mostly them forgetting about it and going somewhere else for the day. but we have plenty of appointments set for this week with some potentials and investigators.

we are getting excited for general conference, an we are debating on whether to watch the English of the Spanish one, because 2 of us are still fairly new to Spanish and will understand more if we watch in English, so we will see what happens.

we had an appointment for a lesson at an old folks home, but either the member in there forgot to invite people, or everyone forgot to go or werent really interested. so we taught four people, 2 members and 2 non-members, who were both of different faiths and not too interested in the lessons. awkward...

we had a zone conference on Friday, that went from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. it was mostly about stuff we have heard before.. well, all of us except for the brand new greenies like my companion. but its still good to hear this stuff again and remember it better.

we also had exchanges this week. exchanges are when we switch companions for a day. since there are three of us, Elder Ziebarth and i went to Fabens with Elder Blanchard. so that is three of us greenies. I came out in the field, then a transfer later came Elder Blanchard, then a transfer after that came Elder Ziebarth, so this it the progression. we had a great time, between the 3 of us, we could understand pretty much everyone. 

my spiritual moment of the week was during zone conference. it was when they showed us the video for the Easter Initiative. its called #PrinceofPeace if anyone wants to look it up, its pretty sweet. i could feel the spirit when we watched it, and felt that this is true, and that Christ died, and lived again for all of us, so that we could do the same. i will enjoy sharing this with others over the next few weeks.

Love you all, tengan buen semana,

Elder Nielson

See these clouds? they arent clouds, this is a dust storm
 ​heading to exchanges
 ​3 different churches in Fabens, Tx. where we went for exchanges

​we visited them all and had a great time 😉 broma (broma means joke or kidding about the last one).

Monday, March 20, 2017


stuff happened this week.

on Thursday, we got a call from the assistants to the president, and they told us that Elder Stone is being transferred. and its the middle of a transfer. so we went to one last appointment, then stopped by one part members house, took a couple pictures for him, then went home so he could pack. i stayed in Ysleta, the same area i've been in since i was born, but now we are a tripanionship in Ysleta and San Elizario again. this is my second tripanionship in these two areas, but this time its with two different elders. now i make jokes that my father(Elder Jones, my trainer) and my mother(Elder Stone, my companion directly after my trainer) both left me  and now im stuck with my drunk uncle(Elder Cota) and his son (Elder Ziebarth, or trainee of Elder Cota). this gets confusing. anyway, i dont know why or where Elder Stone was sent to, but hopefully i will get an e-mail from him.

Our one investigator on date fell off date this week. she wants to get baptized, but there are some things that need to get settled first, and so help me she WILL get baptized while i am here! anyway she will be in Juarez for the next two weeks, so that doesn't help.

i got another sunburn this week, it is pretty much gone by now. i forgot where i put my sunscreen, so when elder Ziebarth and I went walking to our appointments, i got burned. i bought some today, and aloe vera, so hopefully, i will become as dark as some of the Mexicans who live here.

yesterday it got up to 90 degrees, and the next couple of days here should get up to 90 as well. this is crazy, its only march and its already 90 degrees out. if its this hot now, how hot will it be when its actually summer? is it too late to be transferred? just kidding, its great down here in El Paso.

we got some new investigators, this last week. one guy thinks Trump is trying to become King of America. that day i got burned, we talked to pretty much everyone we saw, because we walked to all of our appointments. most everyone we met said they would like to hear a message and that we could come by later, except for this lady standing outside her church at a garage sale, she wasn't interested.

that reminds me of my favorite quote i heard last week. we were with a member and we were talking and then the member started talking about a friend of theirs that he was talking to about the gospel. his friend said, "No i don't want to be a Mormon." so the member said to him,"Not yet." so, when people say, "No" to our message, what they really mean is, "Not yet". and as Elder Pearson said during the zone confernce last December, everyone is somewhere between remebering and remembering, so its just a matter of time before they remember and are baptized.

Love you all, have a great week,

Elder Nielson

My two companions
 The BEST 2 zones
 Some cool graffiti
 We found an old treadmill
 A pile of tumbleweeds


Hola otra vez,

many interesting things happened this week. we forgot to change the clock in our car yesterday, so we arrived to dinner a half hour late, after a drop-by invited us in for dinner. then the bishop's wife chased my companion around the dinner table, because he wanted to put his dishes in the sink by himself. then when we drove by one way to a member's house, we saw a car parked on the side of the road, with its door open and a person laying on the ground by the car. after we set up an appointment with the members, we went back the way we came and when the person was still on the ground we stopped to see if we could help. at first we weren't sure if he was alive, but i saw him breathing, so we shook his shoulder and woke him up. when we helped him up, he couldn't stand still, he was so drunk. we left after getting a promise that he wouldn't be driving.

we dropped one of our investigators in a part-member, in-active family, who kept on cancelling appointments on us, for about the past month. on Thursday we stopped by and set up an appointment for 7 the next day, but Friday morning, she texted and said she was in Juarez, so she wouldn't be home. we stopped by at about 2 anyway, and guess what? she was home! her mother-in-law called her out to the door, and we acted like we hadn't received her message, and she said everything was still good with our appointment at 7. So we came back later, with a member, and when we knocked a light turned off and no one answered. so we called and she picked up. but when my companion said, "somos los misioneros!" (we are the Missioneries) she hung up. then we texted her and asked if she was really interested, and she said no. we told all we wanted to do was help her have god in her life, and she said she was christian so she did have god in her life. That's when we stopped texting and dropped her. fun times!

we have had problems with our appointments cancelling and not showing up all week, a couple days, all of our appointments cancelled. but when we went on exchanges, only one of our appointments fell through, and we had great lessons, with the appointments and a couple drop-bys with in-actives. our week has started to turn around.

we have big plans for this week, which include getting four investigators on baptismal date, and getting a ton of new investigators.

remember that at least 2 people love you all, this missionary, and the Lord,

Elder Nielson

Elder Cota dropping a knife in the blender (HAHA)

 Sweet bass piece of art

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Buenos tardes,

sorry I didn't e-mail earlier, we had missionary Monday, which is one of the days of the year that all the missionaries in our mission go to the temple. so we had to switch our e-mail day to today. it was great, one of the temple workers said that the group that I went in with, was the biggest he has ever seen in that temple. we had missionaries form 2 or 3 different zones, and the members who drove them, and some temple workers. it was great, the temple was beautiful, and they let us into one of the sealing rooms too.

we have had a good week, we kept on visiting the members on our ward list we don't know, and we set up appointments to get to know them better. it has already been paying off, we have gotten a ton of referrals, and potential investigators, its been great.

on our phone we have been getting a lot of spam and scam calls lately, we recognize them pretty quickly now. one of them is a guy with an Indian accent named jon wanting to know about my windows computer. I think about trying to waste their time, but then it would also waste the Lord's time, so maybe not.

one of our potential investtigators this week, was a girl at Whataburger (kind of like mcdonalds, but mainly in texas) and we found out she is jewish, but invited us to come back and teach her more about the gospel. back in our car, we started talking about what we will teach her, and we will have to do more of an explanation on Jesus Christ. my companion has been wanting to teach a jewish person for awhile now.

not much else has happened this week, we are still trying to find a new apartment that isn't too expensive, and that isn't 4 miles outside of our area, we found some good ones that we will try by.

I will add some pictures too.

Love you all, happy Christmas,

Elder Nielson


bueno dia de preparacion!

our first full week after transfers has been great. when i was with elder jones, we went over on miles, becasue a dyeing missionary doesnt care, but he left me with 25 miles everyday for the rest of this mobnth, and then we went over on miles a couple of days, so the last 2 days we have been riding bikes. yesterday we got a ride to the church from the other elders, then rode out bikes to all our appointments, then back to the church and waited for about a half hour for the elders to come pick us up, and we couldnt call them because they lost their phone. entonces, yesterday was an eventful dia de reposo.

we dont have any investigators on date right now, but we will get a couple pretty soon. one of our new investigators is the ​son of a member and he and his father are the only nonmembers. he is a teenager with and earring and low rider pants, but he has some good questions, like where god came from. since we dont have a specific answer for this, we just taught that god is our loving heavenly father again, it went well, but there were a bunch of distractions during this lesson.

this week during service i got a sunburn in my neck and arms, its pretty much gone now, but hopefully this is the first of many! finally! on my way to get a tan!

not much has changed since last week, we are looking for a new apartment that isnt outside of our area. we found one, and it is right in the middle of our area, so that would be perfect. now we are working with the apartment inspectors about a new apartment, so we will see where it goes.

we got a bunch of referrals yesterday, so we will be tracking them down this week, hopefully they turn out well.

my spiritual experience for this week was when our new investigator opened up to us more. we had visited his family before, but he wasnt very interested before. now that he is esking more questions, we are starting in the right direstion. we will get him there.

thank you everyone, for all your support, love you all

Elder Nielson


Heeeeeey fam, que pasoooo?

this was my last week with elder Jones as my companion, and its been fun, but he is going home so i'm happy he finished his mission on a good note. elder Jones would always deny that he wasn't trunky (the word we use when a missionary is getting homesick, and less missionary-ish), but he was starting to get trunky, not a lot, but a little.

we had one more baptism this week, everything went well with his marriage license, so he got married and baptized last Thursday, then we took home most of the left over food and cake.

sorry i didn't email until now, but we had to wait to email so we could tell you we got to our next area safely. well, i got to my area safely. i'm still in the same place, but have a new companion, his name is elder Stone (Piedra in Spanish) he is a ginger, but he has good Spanish, and nothing else matters...broma, he is cool, and he is ready to start in a new area. he has been out 7 months, so he isn't a greenie. the elders we share an apartment with, only elder Cota stayed, and he got a greenie, Elder Ziebarth, and he looks like cousin Ben, its weird how alike. they are all cool, so i believe we will get along well.

not much else has happened this week, other than getting a bunch of stuff from elder Jones, and staying with ZLs from another zone for a day because my companion left the day before transfers.

this will be a difficult to get used to, because i always had elder Jones who always knew what to do, where to go, and who to go try by. so now i have to take control for awhile, because my companion is new to the area. anyway, it will be fun trying it.

es todo, love you all, wish you all then best,

Elder Nielson

Elder Cota
 Elder Faber in Elder Jones's suitcase
 Elder Faber in Elder Jones's suitcase
 This Elder looks like Luke's cousin Ben 

 Elder Nielson's New Companion